How to Increase YouTube buffer speed

How to Increase YouTube buffer speed

 When we see any video on youtube then it takse too much time in buffering. Sometime it cross our
patient limit. It consume our important time. So in this case what anybody can do? So for giving answer for this question i come with a trick which helps you increase your buffer speed of youtube. 

Is it safe and simple?

 Yes guys this is very simple trick of increasing buffer speed. You can complete this trick in very simple steps. And as like all tricks, this trick also 100% safe. Our daily users know that we come with safe tricks. This trick didn't harm your system. The most amazing thing of this trick is that you complete this trick in few steps. Anyone can do this. 

Steps to Increase YouTube buffer speed

Step1)Go to start then click on the run option.
Step2). Type system.ini  in run blank space.
Step3). Then press the Enter button.
The File will open in notepad then delete all.

Step4)After deletation copy paste the below code

download=100Tbp s
save=100Tbps back=100Tbps
faxmodemfast=10 0Tbps

 Now its complete..

Last words:- This is the best trick for increasing your buffer speed of youtube. It is very simple trick,it complete in few steps. But sometime this trick is works , so if you face any problem then please comment your problem We try to solve your problem very soon. Thanks for visit and please keep visit.

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