How To Make A Single Name On Fb 2013

Step 1 - Download "Switchy" extension for Google chrome and then save this:- Proxy:- Port:- 8080 
Step 2 - Go to the page and click on "Update Page Info" and then click on "translated names". 
Step 3 - Right click on "Arabic" and then click on "Inspect Element". 
Step 4 - When the script copies the whole Arabic portion, then paste this code over there <tr class="_1hoi dataRow"><th class="label">English:</th><td class="data"><input type="text" class="inputtext" name="en_XX"></td></tr> 
Step 5 - Wait for 10-15 seconds then close the script. 
Step 6 - Now you will see in place of Arabic... it will be written "English'...
Step 7 - Now just write the desired name and then save the changes. (Name should not contain any special characters) 
Step 8 - Now click on "Address" and then save this address.... Jordan Amman, Jordan 00000 
Step 9 - Now refresh your browser and click on switchy and change the proxy to "Direct Connection" Now you can see your page is renamed.
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