How To Get Adsense Approval From Google within 7 days

How To Get Adsense Approval From Google within 7 days

I know Everyone  want to get Google adsense approval.Don’t worry , it’s very easy to get approval within 7 days. You might be thinking, why  Google  Adsense always disapprove your request. You might  tried many times to again, to no result. There are some reasons for Google Adsense disapproves your  request. You should know  basic requirements for google adsense before.  Having  a good blog,rank, traffic, is not
enough to get approvel of google adsense.  You have to make your site perfect from all areas. Below are some important points you should need to keep in mind before applying for Google Adsense.

 How To Get Adsense Approval From Google within 7 days

Some Points helps you to get Google Adsense within 7 Days

Before you  applying for Google Adsense, make sure your blog fullfiled all these points.  Everything is counts, including your site/blog content, layout,  number of posts, SEO metrics,  other required metrics  etc. Every single one thing of them  play a important role in getting approval from Google. Read out the most important requirements for Getting Google adsense.

Minimum Pages/Articles/Posts:
If you are applying for getting Adsense approval for a WordPress blog, you have to maintain  minimum  40 quality posts. And if it is a any other website like(html, Joomla), you should try to maintain a minimum of 30 pages. Every article of your site is considered to be a page.. So keep in mind this is majar requirement for getting approval from Google.

Google Analytic Code:
Second requirement is you should  to install  Google Analytics code on your site. To Install google analytics code , just go  to Google Analytics and login your account and then click on Admin option where you  see “+ New Account” under the Accounts tab. Click on New Account option and enter the  your website name, url and other details. Click on the Get Tracking ID and then copy paste it in your website.

Google Webmaster Verification :
Next step also help you to increase your traffic. In this step you need to apply for the Google Verification Page. To do this step, just login to Google Webmaster Tools and click on “Add a Site” option and Enter the your site URL. Verify your site by any one of the stated following methods.

Bing WebmastersVerification:
Bing Webmaster Tools  is similar towebmaster Tool. You can follow the same procedure which you follow in webmaster tool and verify your site ownership. In Bing webmaster tool, you need to apply your website sitemap page. I will teach you how to add sitemap page below.

Sitemap.xml Page: 
Your website should have Sitemap.xml page, so search engines can index your wholl site pages and links  quickly. To create a sitemap you can follow his link click here

You need to create a robots.txt file for  your site. No matter if it’s a CMS based sire or Wordpress site, you need to have a robots.txt file in your site. This file tells the search engines, what to index and what not to from your site. You can check out  SEOSiren robots.txtfile for the clear idea.

Alexa Rank:
I know many people disagree with this statement. But, for getting approval, still your site should have decent Alexa ranking. But Even  if your site does not have a decent Alexa rank  you should still apply. But keep in mind your site ranking should atleast under 400k. Else the chances of  taken into consideration is quit less.

Additional Pages:
Your should maintain a Privacy Policy page, About Us page, and Terms of use page in your site. You should to clearly mention what is your site topic, and how it is useful for users..

Own Email ID:
It is better if you have your own domain and hosting,  to apply Adsense .  Which means, instead applying  with, you are applying with Just like this or

Decent Traffic: 
Traffic is also considered. So You s should have minimum of 50+ visits per day on your site. Please do not  be  hurry to applying without  having enough  traffic. And even if you follow all the above requirements without enough traffic, your will not be approved.
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Last words:-

These are the best  ways to get  Adsense approval within 7 days from google. I hope your account will be approved. Drop us a line in comment box if you have any queries related to this article.  Thanks for visit and please keep visit.
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