Boost Your Alexa Rank

Alexa- It is the world’s largest web traffic and rank website founded in 1966 , which gives you full overview of your site. It also gives you information about your rank in whole world. It offers you to getting information abut your website.

Boost Your Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank- In very simple words, It is a technique or measure which defines the website popularity comparing to other website on internet. Alexa rank is determined by taking number of visitor on site as well as number of pages viewed on each time.

Benefits of Good Alexa Rank

  • 1)If you have good alexa rank then everyone will ready to buy advertising space on your Website.

  • 2)Good Alexa Rank means good position in Google.

  • 3)It increases the chances of getting Google Adsense Approval easily.

How to Boost Alexa Rankng

1)Verify your site on

2)Install Alexa Toolbar on your Pc and then start surfing own site. click here to install…

3)Place Alexa Rank widget on your site. When visitors chek it your site overview will shown like this, each click will count.

4)Start writing quality content , useful articles related to webmasters and start sharing it on webmasters forums , social sites etc.

5)Also write articles about alexa. It will also helps you to increase your rank.

6)Encourage your friends and visitor to download and install alexa toolbar in their computer.

7)Start making Backlinks by Guest Posting or by link exchange. We also provide service of link exchange with us.

These simple above 7 steps will boost your Alexa Rank. All above steps are very easy. You have to give only 120 minutes to get a good Rank. So start it now….

Last Words- It is very amazing trick to get a better position on Internet. You can see live example of its work. One month ago our site rank was 1,50,00,000 , but now it is 700,000. If you face any problem or ask any question or want to give feedback then you can drop your comment below. Thanks for visit and please keep visit because we will again come with new and amazing trick.

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