How To Change Mouser Cursor On Blog / Website

How To Change Mouser Cursor On Blog / Website

Every daily visitor of our ask this question How they Can Change Mouse Cursor On their Website or blog. 
Every smart designer of blog or site always try to give new and stylish look to their blog. I know you also want give stylish look to your blog.  And you are very careful at time of changing anything in your blog or site. Also One of my blogger friend asked me that he can change  mouse cursor on his blogger blog. And you it is very simple task to change mouse cursor.

Is it safe and simple?

Yes this is very simple and 100% safe. Many people download cursors from various sites, which is difficult task. But in this tutorialm, we show you that how you can easy change of your mouse cursor. There is no need to download anything. You can do this task in very few steps. In download process, your time and internet both are consumed. Our daily visitors knows that everytime we come with tricks which is simple and safe. For stay connect with our latest trick you can download our toolbar. So lets start..

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Steps to Change Mouse Cursor In Blog

     Go To
     Open Your  Blog.
     Go To Template tab.
     Click  to  "Edit HTML"
     Then Find "</body>"
     Then Copy The Below Code And Paste It Below "</body>".
     Click Save , then view your blog.

Steps to Change Mouse Cursor In  Website

    Go To Your HTML File.
    Just Copy Below Code And Paste After "</body>"
    Then Save It, you are done.

<style type="text/css">body, a,a:hover {cursor: url(, progress;}</style>

Customization: The above link helps you to change your cursor like our site cursor.You can Customize it according to your choice. Just change the yellow area link with your pic link. You also can make your pic cursor with this trick.

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Final words:-
This is very stylish trick for webmasters. It also helps to increase your pageviews. Visitors come again on only those sites which look stylish. It is very simple trick. You can do it in few steps. It is very simple but if you face any problem in this article then you can drop a line in comment box. And if you complete this or like it then also leave comment for giving us support. Thanks for visit and please keep visit. 

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