How You Remove Photo Tag Verification of Facebook

How you remove Photo tag Verification of Facebook

 How you remove Photo tag Verification of Facebook
How you  remove photo tag verification of Facebook with best and easy trick, so for giving to this question I come with a trick. This trick helps you to getting your Facebook account without doing any
type of photo tag verification. Actually many of my friends and our site users not able to  get ride from Facebook photo tag verification. Actually its  a security issue , disable your FB account which required photo tag verification. But this is really hard to do.  Few month ago i was also facing this problem but did photo tag verification. but  Facebook again disable my Fb account so i choosed different method, you can proof your facebook account by submitting your real id.

Why you facing Facebook Photo Tag Verification Problem

Many facebook users thinks that after using real account and real name why Fb wants proof of there identity. The reason is that, its a Fb security system. I means when FB notice that a user using any feature excessively , Than Fb security system thing that the person may another person or its a fake. So Fb security system  catch the person and start doing veification, So If you complete your verification then it will good but If you can not do this verification then you must see our trick.

Some steps which helps to Avoid picture verification

  • Facebook have Some policy and terms which you should always follow.
  • Do not tag  to stranger person on photo, otherwise he/she report you.
  • Do not send friend request to strangers which is unwanted.
  • Do not send any unwanted message to strangers.
  • Do not share any bad or block link.
  • Try to keep same name of Fb account.

Remove Photo tag Verification of Facebook

Removing Photo Verification is very easy if you have limited friend but if you have big list of friends then photo tag verification is very hard so you should use our trick which is useful for both limited and big friend list users.

Steps to get your FB Account without any Photo tag Verification

  • If you not able to  Photo Tag verification Than you should upload your real id.
  • After submitting your real id Facebook will again send your account.

 How you remove Photo tag Verification of Facebook

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Final words

This is a simple trick which always works worls wide. If you not able to photo tag verification then you can use our trick. Always we share full turtriol but if you face any problem by doing this, you can drop a line in comment box. We will reply very soon. Thanks for visit and please keep visit for more tricks.
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    2. and whats the method ... ??

    3. sorry for the all misunderstanding.. Please check this post Here is the method of 2015 to bypass pic verification.

  2. Plse help me, my fb id is blocked, now showing me 1. Photo tag verification And 2. Security question. both option is not possible to bypass me. I also try with connect fb page, i upload my real id. after that showing me. this email not desible id

    1. use our new method of 2015 to bypass pic verification.. here is the link


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