Google Magic : Play Funny Games With Google

As you know that we always share useful tricks with you,but today i want to share some funny tricks with google. You all know that google is best search engine but today we make it funniest search engine. 

What You Will Find In This Post?

1)Google Under-Water

2)Play Google Pac-Man Game

3)Google Gravity Effect(google under 0 gravity)

4) Google Guitar

5)Google Snake Game

1)Google Under-Water: Click on the link and see how google looks like under water. You also can search anything. When you try to search any keyword , related images of that keyword will fall on the search box from the top.

Google Under Water

2)Play Google Pac-Man Game: I know everyone had played pac man game , but this game with google is very entertaining. Google makes this game very interesting. Click on the link to play this game.

Google Pac man

3)Google Gravity Effect(google under 0 gravity): Click here and see how google looks like in 0 gravity. Try to search something.
Google Gravity

Are you enjoing ? If yes , then see next....

4) Google Guitar: This is my favorite. I always enjoing  when i play google guitar.  You can play any tone on this guitar. I like to play twinkle,and Happy Birthday Tone. Click Here to play with it.

Google Guitar

5)Google Snake Game: As like pac-man you can also play google snake game.The good thing of this game is that your snake will not die by eating his own tale. Click Here to Play

Google Snake Game

Last words: I hope you enjoy our this trick. It is funniest trick of site. Please visit again for more tricks.

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  1. It's great the compilation of google games than do you do.


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