Google+ : Best Social Networking Site

Google+ is a social networking owned and operate by Google. After Facebook it is largest social networking site. It have more than 550 million active users monthly. The New York Times have declared that it is Google's biggest try to rival the Facebook. Google launched Google+ on 28 June 2011. Google+ got 10 million users in its two weeks. It is biggest acheivement for any social site.

Google+ : Best Social Networking Site

According To Wikipedia , below is a chart of total active users of Google+

Google+ : Best Social Networking Site

Source : Wikipedia

Google+ can do function of Facebook , Twitter , Skype. So we can say Google+ is a mixed shake of Facebook , Twitter , Skype. So it is better to use so many sites we can use only one.

Google+ one for all

Google+ Vs Facebook :- Like Facebook , in google+ we can communicate with friends , relatives. In Google+ we can also share our feeling through our Google+ timeline. Like Facebook Pages and Groups ,  we can also make pages and circles in google+. Google+ is much wider than Facebook. It helps me to meet new people of same interest. In Google+ feedback of report comes faster than facebook. Privacy policy of Google+ is much better than facebook. Facebook have 600 words in their privacy policy but Google+ have 1000. Google+ privacy policy is clear than facebook , twitter etc in understandiblity.

Google+ Vs Twitter:- Twitter gives me everything which i want , but Google+ gives me more than what i want. Like Twitter follower feature , Google+ have also its own and it is much better than Twitter's. Google+ is faster than twitter.

Google+ Vs Skype:- Google+ also provides free video calling feature. It provides 8 persons video chat. And set up registeration is very easy.

Best Thing Of Google+

Don't have to wait for accepting request:- If i want to see stuff which someone post on his/her timeline then i can see by just adding him to in my circle. No any involvement of other person is required like accepting friend request.

Best Place For Sharing:- The best thing of Google+ which i likes is that it is a best place for sharing my site. It provide visitors from whole world. Anybody can start sharing by just joining a community related my his/her site.

Comment On Youtube Videos: Google+ provides the feature of commenting on youtube videos.

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Blogging:- One of the mos amazing feature of google+ is blogger. Blogger is place where we can make our own site free. It provides free subdomain and free hosting for unlimited period. For making site with blogger, no any codding knowledge is required. I you will make good , original , unique content site than you can apply for adsense and can start earning. It also provides a feature of convert subdomain into custom domain. 

Last words: So from our post you can understand why is Google+ better than facebook , twitter , and other social networking sites.  Because of many features like sharing , video calling , communication , blogging and many other Google+ growing faster than other social networking sites.  From my point of view Google+ is best but if you think opposite from me than you can comment your views.
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