How To Get Unlimited Social Shares On Blog Post

Hello friends! Everyone knows the value of facebook and facebook likes but previous I had also shared the advantages of using Google+. So, today i am going to share a trick which helps you to getting g+ votes as well as facebook likes on your blog post. Because of increasing importance of google+ , it becomes a important thing getting g+ votes on blog post. From now you could get g+ votes and facebook likes of your any blog post.

How To Get Unlimited Social Shares On Blog Post

Writing a blog post from 500 to 1,000 is a easy task but getting social share like (facebook likes , g+ votes etc) is not such a easy task. If you want to get higher rank in google+ then you have to try to get higher amount of social shares.

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How to get Google+ Votes and Facebook Likes?

If you always posted good quality post then you will get votes/likes by own , but if do not getting votes/likes then don't worry , I have a trick to get facebook likes and g+ votes.

How to get facebook likes:  When you share your post on facebook groups related to your post you get likes and this likes are counted. So starts sharing your post link on facebook groups. It is very easy. Just find some groups related to your blog and share 1 or 2 post links everyday.

How to get Google+ Votes:  I know you all are waiting for this step. Google+ is a part of Google so it helps to getting higher rank fastly than social sites. Google+ votes helps to increase your social strength in the eyes of Google.

Here is very simple and easy trick to get Google+ votes very easily.

Steps to get Google+ Votes
  • Start joining Google+  Communities , which have large number members. Just join large communities, don't think to join only those communities which is related to your post topic. 

  • Just join 15-20 big communities. Also try to join some Communities related to your blog topic. 

  • Then go to google image and search some amazing pics like Quotes Pic , Funny Pic or other which can get good amount of google+ votes. And then save the image in your pc.

How To Get Unlimited Social Shares On Blog Post

  •   Now open your community and upload the image which you save/download earlier in your pc and also add your blog post url in the status area.

How To Get Unlimited Social Shares On Blog Post

  • Now click on the share button. So you will start getting Google+ Votes on your pic and on the link which you added in the status area. Now when members of the community start giving vote to your pic , then you get votes on link also and these link votes will be counted.
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Earn money with this tricks: You can earn money from some sites like fiverr by selling G+ votes on blog post in the exchange of 5$.

Last words: This is best tricks for getting Facebook likes and G+ votes on blog posts. It will increase your site in strength in the eyes of Google. If you face any problem or want to ask any question regarding this article then you can drop a line in comment box. Thanks for visit and please keep visit.

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