How To Get Unlimited Likes On Blank Status

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Blank Status

Hello geeks! Today I am going to share a trick which can blow anyone’s mind. And the trick is How To Get Unlimited Likes On Blank Status. This trick is a combination of two trick , one is how to share blank status and second is how to get unlimited likes on a status.  So in this trick firstly you will learn to share a blank status and then how to get unlimited likes on a blank status.

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Blank Status

Why any friend will like on a blank status?
In this trick we will use previous shared autolikers. In one of my post I had shared 25 Facebook Autolikers. And today we will ues one best autoliker from this 25 autolikers.
This trick will amaze your friends. Because it not includes only share a blank status but the main thing of this trick is getting likes on a blank status. I know you are very excited. So before starting I think we have to divide this trick in two stage.
1)How To Share Blank Status

2)How To Get Unlimited Likes

1)How To Share Blank Status : This is first and easy stage of this trick. It will done in 5 minutes or less.
1.Login to your facebook account
2.Now press and hold the ALT key, and type 0 1 7 3 (ALT+0173).     Press enter
3.Change your status privacy to Public.
Note: Don’t release alt key while typing.

Its done. Our First stage is complete. Now take a step towards next stage and it is how to get unlimited likes on this blank status.

2)How To Get Unlimited Likes: This stage is very complex. So please read all steps one by one carefully. In this stage we will going to use autoliker.  From all 25 autolikers here we will use Wefby. Wefby is the best , easy , spam free and 100% working autoliker.
For getting likes on my pics or status I always use Wefby. So lets start second stage.
  1.Open the Wefby
  2.Now you need to signup in Wefby via your facebook access token
  3.Now you will see 4 steps. We will do all these steps one by one.
       a)Click on the Fb setting. Here you have to change all your followers setting to Everyone
       b)Click on Connect with Fb. Then click on ok and then again click on ok button. Then click Get Token        option
       c)And it will open a new tab. You have to copy the URL of new tab.
       d) Now paste your toke in the blank box and then click on submit button.
4.Now you will see home page of your Wefby account.
5.Then click on status option from the tab.
6. Now select your blank status
7.Then increase your like range from 20 to 140.
8.Then click on Autoliker option.
Now you can see likes on your status.
Note:1) Your can get more 140 likes only after waiting 500 seconds.

Note2) We got a new safe and working autoliker. You can also use this myliker

Last words: So how was the trick? I know you are very happy and thinking 'What a Trick!'. I was also very happy when I did this trick first time. You can suprise your friends by this trick. You will become popular in your friends circle because getting more than 100 likes on a good status is a big deal and you are getting unlimited likes on a blank status.  So if you face any problem in this trick then you can ask in a comment box.
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  1. Sir, I tried to paste my facebook page link and ID but in both cases a warning is coming that your link is not valid.
    Please give me a solution

    1. Hlo David, you can't get likes on facebook page.. Autolikers are only works on Facebook posts..


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