How To Start A Blog And Make Money From Blogging

If you want to start a blog and make money from blogging but don't know anything about it then do not worry, you've come to the right place! I'll answer everything that you wanted to know and never dared to ask. And remember that no one is born knowing everything.  There is many ways to make money online fast and blogging is one of the best method.

How To Make Money From Blogging

First we see that platforms often normally used to create a blog:

1. Blogger

It is the platform for creating and posting blogs of Google. To use Blogger is not necessary to have a domain, hosting or installing programs, even knowing writing any code. Blogs are hosted on Google servers within the domain
Create a blog in blogger is free and enough to have an account with Google.
It allows using different templates and even customize them using designer templates, and all without programming skills.
You can have your own domain instead of from
Blogger can be integrated with Adsense and Amazon to get an economic return. It can also integrate with Google Analytics to view the web statistics.


This is similar to the option blogger. gives you the domain like ( and hosting.  You only need to register for free to get started with your blog.
Also features integrated web traffic statistics to analyze visits to your blog.
Using belong to a community of bloggers.
WordPress is also responsible for security (backups), to tackle spam and offers a support to give you the help you need.
And then if you decide to have your own domain, you can do it without problem.
It is still not possible to insert ads on the blog to monetize, but is something that seems to be available in the future.


This is a free open source platform (open source) and which is installed on your own hosting and your domain. This means you need to buy a domain and hosting before you can install.
To create a blog with manager, you must first purchase a domain and hosting to host it. You can also buy it on Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostalia and many other sites.

Why should you be paying for domain and hosting with if it is free in and gives you the freedom to monetize your blog without restrictions and without paying credit to anyone. It's your blog, your domain and hosting. All yours. And as such you need to take care by yourself (security, backups, updates ...).
Be hosted on Blogger or is like living in a friend's house. Your address is your friend ( or and the house is not yours (it is Google or Automattic).
It is very comfortable, because the whole responsibility falls on your friend (backup, protection, templates, support ...). Yes, you can do whatever the hell you want, but it is comfortable and free.
The problem is if your friend will one day live in Germany, closed the house, or get angry with you. You're left in the lurch.

How To Choose A Domain Name

The domain will be your address. Should choose it wisely to help you position yourself on search engines. You have two options:

1. Putting your brand

You will try to strengthen the mark or yourself as a professional or expert in something. Certainly at first this does not help you in the organic positioning of Google, but over time can go by the company or yourself known.

2. Putting a domain name related to your activity

To do this you have to think of a keyword that defines your business and why users go to find you through search engines like Google. If you have a business such as telescopes, then you must ensure that the domain containing that keyword. Should choose the domain wisely to help you position yourself on search engines.
As a general rule you must also try to choose a short name that is easily remembered by the user and easy to read.
There are many domain extensions, some general as .com, .net, .org and other national or regional level as .com, .in, .ar, .cat ...

Now you just need to choose a good template for your Blog

There are free and paid templates. Choose one that suits your business or project. There are special for a lot of graphic or photo content, aimed at selling products in online stores dedicated to hotel reservations, real estate and many other topics.
If you want my advice I recommend Elegant Themes for its refined appearance and ease of use without having to touch the code or knowing anything about programming.
You can search on google for best free blogger or wordpress templates easily.

How To Write A Blog Articles or Posts

To write interesting content'll have to make an effort and follow some basic rules of copywriting, which is the noble art of writing to promote a product, service, business or person.
You should write as journalists do ... calling attention to an original title, shocking, funny ... to follow with an attractive first paragraph that hooks the reader and with a pleasant and interesting content that provides value to the reader.
This seems obvious, but it takes practice. And remember that is made by walking, so get to work. The most important thing is not to lose heart and be patient, the first posts may not go as well as you expect, even if you have good ideas.
You must write to please your readers and the search engines like Google. To do this you have to know well what are the keywords and which are appropriate to your purpose.

About Keywords

It is a word or words, for wanting to be found on search engines. If for example our business is web design, you can be required to position ourselves for terms or keywords such as web design, graphic design, creating websites, company logos , etc.
In this post for example, the keyword is "how to make money with blogging." 

With every post you write we can point to a specific Keyword. And the more we write posts more likely to be found under one of the chosen keywords have.
So that search engines find our article under certain keyword, we tell the search engine what is the keyword for which we want to position ourselves or be found. And that how? Then repeating that keyword to throughout the text, especially in the title. If this keyword also appears in the URL and the name of our domain, then even better.
Should not be exceeded in use repeating too often, as this can harm due to Google penalties.

If we intend to position ourselves under a very generic keyword such as "design", we will not just chance that the search engine we have in mind, as there will be plenty of pages that contain that term.

What is usually done, especially when trying to live blog starting from scratch, is targeting keywords "long tail" or long tail, ie more concrete terms, for which more feasible fight to position in a good place in search engine results page.
For example: "responsive web design" or "design logos for companies" ...
In this way we limit our field and although most users are less interested, we ensure that they are "really interested" in our product or service. A word as general as "design" can attract people interested in different to ours (interior design, fashion design ...) do not give us anything and it's going to be very difficult to position issues. There is many other seo tips and tricks to ranked top in google.
There are some interesting tools such as Google keyword planner, giving us the monthly volume of searches for keywords and offers variants of keywords.

How To Start Making Money From Blogging

1. Advertising In Your Blog

It is to put ads on your blog, for example type of Google Adsense. That is, you join the Google Adsense program and you insert an ad on your site related to your topic.
Every time someone clicks on the ad will take you some money. It is a PPC (Pay Per Click) method, and what you pay for each click is variable and depends on what your niche.
To be effective you need your niche or topic is very competitive and the bid for keywords related to it are very high. They can pay anywhere from a few cents to a few euros per click. You can see as are bids on Adwords, using the Keyword Planner. For earning from this method you need lot of traffic and you can dive unlimited traffic to your blog with these 12 killer tips. For getting traffic you can also share your post in many social network simultaneously

2. Affiliate Marketing

It is to recommend certain products or services of other web sites, so if the sale occurs, we earn a commission as a percentage or fixed amount.
For this we use links or links (embedded in text or image) that direct readers to the landing page or homepage merchant.

Cookies by the system, the trader will know where the customers that come. In addition, the sale is not required to occur immediately after clicking our link prospect, because cookies that are implanted in your browser usually last several days or months, and if the purchase occurs at that time, the commission will continue leading us.
It is important to note that the user will not pay a penny more for the product or service to buy through an affiliate link. Quite the contrary, you can benefit from a discount or coupon sometimes.

Advertising in blog is mostly use in making money from blogging

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