How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger

Playing games on the social networking giant Facebook is pretty common these days. There are Thousands of popular & Addictive games on Facebook and among those infinite games available on this site, Candy Crush Saga have gained so much hype & exploded in fame and huge popularity on Facebook over these years. Its obvious that you might have played lots of games on Facebook but, many of the users probably aren’t aware of the hidden secret games inside the company’s very own Messenger app. I have shared new features on facebook messenger but did you know that the Facebook has been hiding a CHESS game inside the Facebook’s Messenger App that lets you do more than just sending private messages & video calls? if you think so, then you are wrong.

How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger

There is something that you might never have noticed on Facebook messenger. It’s not a secret anymore that you can even play a game of chess within the Messenger application and it just takes one simple step to unlock this feature. Of course hidden game on the Messenger is not at all the best online chess experience, but it’s a fun little Easter egg to play around with. Here is How you do it ….

What actually one can do with Facebook Messenger?

  • Message with your friends
  • Exchange GIFs, stickers, and photos
  • Do video calls
  • Send money to people in Facebook Messenger

Hidden game inside Facebook Messenger

Just Wondering how can you play a Chess game on the Facebook Messenger? Yes, as i said above its possible. Facebook has made it to the reality by creating a hidden nothing but a built-in functionality in Facebook Messenger that allows you to play Chess with your friends without having to install any third-party app. It just takes one straight forward step to unlock this hidden game and play it on the Facebook Messenger while connecting with with your friends.

How to Play the Hidden Chess Game on your Messenger?

  • Simply go through the instructions below to unlock the chess game feature and get started on this ancient game which is based on the war strategy.
  • Firstly, start conversation with one of your friends and type “@fbchess play” into the chat box.
  • Even during conversation, a small square box which is nothing a chess board appears at the Messenger window.
  • The person who opened the game would immediately be assigned “White” side by default, to make the first move.
  • These are some standard algebraic notations. Check out below:
  1. B to move “Bishop”
  2. R to move “Rook”
  3. Q to move “Queen”
  4. K to move “King”
  5. N to move “Knight”
  6. P to move “Pawn”
  • To move a piece, type any of the alphabet mentioned above and space on the board that moves you wish to make along the vertical axes.
How To Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger
  • For ex: If you want to move a pawn to the space labeled F3 on board, just type in @fbchess Pf3.
  • If you need any help/assistance, you could just refer to the help section by inserting the command “@fbchess helpwithout “” for the all possible commands.
  • You should notice that the commands are always case sensitive. The board itself will update and notify you whether it is your turn to play.
  • You can even have an option undoing if any of your move goes wrong with @fbchess undo command or by clicking the “undo” button. But your opponent player has to accept your request to undo.
  • If you want to make the chess board larger in size, just hit the settings button and select See full conversation.
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The game will also let you have a chat even while playing the game with your friend, app auto-resumes the game by issuing the game commands. Facebook Chess is available for both mobile and web platforms and it removes the necessity to download it separately. This new prolific Time Killer Game will begin to entertain you by intensifying your brain at the same time having a chat with your partner.
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